Manifesto for a new British
political party



Drafted by

Nicholas Dykes

(A work in progress)

List of Contents

Introduction …. 3
Founding Principles …. 4
CORE’s Main Objectives …. 5
The Immediate Stimulus …. 6
Constitutional Reforms …. 8
Confederation …. 9
The Welfare State …. 10
Child Benefit …. 11
Pensions …. 12
Education …. 13
Health …. 14
Criminal Law Reform …. 15
The Economy …. 17
Transportation …. 19
Local Government …. 20
The Environment …. 21
The Countryside …. 22
Immigration …. 24
Society …. 25
Foreign Affairs …. 27
Defence …. 29
Concluding Note …. 30


The Confederation & Reform Party does not exist, but it is a party which ought to exist.

Great Britain is like a grand old ocean liner heading for a reef. Not an invisible, submerged reef, a clearly visible and avoidable one. Visible, that is, to those with eyes to see and minds to think. If our course is not corrected, sooner or later disaster will strike. The British economy will expire, strangled by red tape and swamped by government debt; the country’s paper money mountain will collapse, and there will be widespread starvation and internal strife.

Even more than a liner, however, the ‘Ship of State’ takes a lot of turning round. The like-minded people who might create The Confederation & Reform Party would do so knowing that their efforts were strictly long-term and that, initially, they would probably be ignored or ridiculed.

Yet the prospect of a long struggle to gain attention and be taken seriously is no argument for inaction. Only by the constant presentation and reiteration of true alternatives to present policies and practices can change come about. The British Isles have the potential to be heaven on earth, an utopia. Successive governments have turned them into the opposite, a Dystopia, and one with a capital D.

Why a new party? Because the Conservatives are an abject failure when it comes to restoring liberty and common sense. ‘Me-tooism’ has been their secret credo for a hundred years or more. Whatever socialists have introduced the Tories have adopted. Me too! Me too! They no longer stand for anything.

Worse, under their present leadership, the Tories seem to have neither a sense of direction nor awareness of what is important. Instead of focussing on the really vital issues – such as Britain’s relationship with Europe, or preserving the union with Scotland – they have faffed around with an astronomically expensive railway line that nobody wants or needs, and intrusive, fatuous irrelevancies such as same-sex ‘marriage.’

Yet a return to individual freedom, to individual responsibility, to national independence, and to reinforcement of mutual security, are the solutions to virtually all the ills Britain faces. The Confederation & Reform Party’s goal is to persuade all rational Britons to accept these truths.

Download the full book here in .pdf form – Return To Freedom