Black Cliff

BlackcliffThree very different people, all suffering from recent crises in their lives, are drawn together by strange circumstances in a remote and dangerous valley in the Welsh mountains.

Sam, a Yorkshire police inspector, returns from a short break abroad to find his wife has been murdered. His only clue is a name.

Mitra, a seventeen-year-old girl from London, trapped by legal error and alien customs, is forced to flee in search of a hiding place and refuge.

Sinnoch, a young Welsh professor of philosophy, is struggling to come to terms with the death of his parents in a car crash; the rejection of his PhD thesis, and desertion by an adored girlfriend.

A blizzard on a winter’s night. A police net slowly closing. An obstructive bureaucrat. A twelve-year-old secret exposed. A relentless hitman. A terrifying, near fatal fall. A horrifying discovery. A man’s life torn apart. A little girl saved from torture.

Yet there is also love: passionate new love; the wonder of first love, and the joy of old love reborn.

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